Actress Ashwathy Warrier & Abilash Unnikrishnan's Big Fat Indian Wedding

Posted by SDS STUDIOS | 10 September 2017 | Kerala Wedding

Actress Ashwathy Warrier & Abilash Unnikrishnan's Big Fat Indian Wedding at Le Meridian Kochi 

The starry wedding of Actress Aswathy Warrier & Abhilash, the couple with immense passion for life just as they have for each other! We just can't not say this because this one was one of the most lively kerala wedding we captured ever! Each moment the team was radiating some kind of magical energy of love! The four day wedding and the wedding photoshoot was a total blast of their beautifully power packed love! We were as excited as them to do their wedding photography! Kerala weddings are always a thing not to miss even one moment!
The show began with Mehndi at her home in Thirunavaya. The lady was looking super cute in those shades of yellow! Her joy seemed doubled in that color! It was literally a pomp & show but guess what, it was just a trailer of a massive wedding movie! The picture was just getting steamed up in the oven!

On the second day was the visit by the family of our groom! Isn't it the most beautiful thing about marriages? Two different families come together and building a team with each other's energy summed up in the name of love! We were like 'hey did just someone clicked the button 'sync now'?' because the two families synced in no time and started planning it all for the wedding day and sangeet eve! Yeah, we could totally sense the heavy visuals incoming and we made our plans to film the moments incoming!

And the third day! The sangeet eve! Location of perfection? Le Meridian, Kochi! The sky was blue and warm! We were all set armed with the tools to shoot! The families and friends, all were looking their best and was real busy getting everything ready for the real show in the evening! That's the thing about sangeet nights! It relieves everyone from all the hectic and tight seriousness of the wedding function! And it is most essential to make the wedding most memorable! It was on that day we got most of the footages for the epic mallu video, yes their super hit wedding highlight video! Honestly, we rarely see such energetic bride and groom, let alone the friends and family! The eve was an absolute blast of happiness! Dancing to the beats, singing out loud, syncing with music like never before in the perfect looks and ambience! It was really something to see, the way they all managed to rock the party without messing up the traditional wears!

The wedding day was the most colorful! It couldn't have been any better! Traditionally stylish as we call it, was an absolute treat for the eyes and obviously for the photoshoot team! He tied the knot with the background score of wedding musical instruments and the shout outs of their friends and family!

We called it a wedding and packed up at the reception in Chennai. They all seemed so happy & content after a bombastic mallu wedding of all times! The smile around market the beginning of something special! The next level of their love story it was! 

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