The No-end North Indian Weddings! Colors and customs!

Posted by SDS STUDIOS | 5 October 2018 | North Indian Wedding

The No-end North Indian Weddings! Colors and customs!

Wedding tourism in India is flourishing ravishingly! Why so? Because even foreigners can't resist the beauty of a classic North Indian wedding. I mean who can? Who doesn't want to get married in the backdrop of such vibrant colors and meaningful rites and rituals which makes the bride and groom feel themselves the most precious piece of gems in the whole world? That's how they do it! Mind blowing music, glittering attires and grooming in it, exotic food, lovely rituals and partyyy! And guess what! It's not a single day ceremony but a multi day one!
So, let's have sneak peek to the beauty of North Indian wedding rituals! What makes it so irresistible? Here's what!

Sagai or the engagement!

The Sagai or Mangani ceremony is nothing but getting engaged. The bride and groom exchange rings at bridegroom's house. The bride and her family visits the house with loads of traditional gifts, sweets and dry fruits and bridegroom's family welcomes them with garlands and gifts! The point is accepting each other's families and sinking as a single family! It is after all their interactions and gift exchanging, the bride and groom exchange their rings! And yes, it's official! Have some ladoos! Isn't that beautiful?

Mehndi or Reddening your love!

Mehndi is one of the sixteen adornments of the bride as per the North Indian wedding concept! Which means her beauty, even the whole wedding is visibly incomplete without it! Want to feel like the bride? Mehndi your hands and legs to the knees! That's the way they do it! The point is, the redder your mehndi is, the stronger your bond will be! The mehndiying is done in the presence of the bride's most intimate circle, the friends and family! These days many do it with great pomp and show! The scope of photography is also unlimited when it comes to mehndi. Unsurprisingly, mehndi design is one of the fastest growing business in wedding industry.

Sangeet or the blast!

We all are fans of bollywood wedding songs aren't we? Our hero and heroine are at their peak of energy at this wedding songs wearing the coolest traditional outfit and dancing their hearts out to the beats surrounded and assisted by everyone in that family! Yep, singing and dancing and having a nice time together right before the wedding day is a ritual there! The sangeet eve!
Days are gone when the women in brides family gathered together and sang traditional songs and danced. Nowadays, sangeet eves are all about planning and preparing for the perfect beats that makes anyone go crazy and that perfect rhythmic grooming! Some people does it like a show night with stage and all while some even go to the extent of bringing in some celebrity to the party! Because sky is the limit when it comes to sangeet eve ideas!

Haldi or the final cleanse!

You've seen that yellow celebrations just before weddings haven't you? Obviously, haldi has become a part of south indian weddings too. Oh no, haldi was a part of south indian weddings but not this much elaborate! It was just about taking a good bath after applying turmeric paste but now? It's another wholesome pre-wedding event just like in the north! And what makes haldi so important? Wrong question! Ask what not makes haldi important! The belief is that haldi keeps the buri nazar (evil eye) away. And yes it does. Name a better medicine to ward off everything unwanted in your skin and also cures all the cuts and marks.

Haldi is done just before wedding at both the bride's and bridegroom's houses! Sometimes hours before or the day before wedding. The most exciting part about the function? Obviously the richness of yellow shade! It's the color of joy and prosperity. And that's why haldi has become all about yellow! Don't you love to be dipped in yellow full of love?

Dulha's grand entry!

While the bride normally enters walking under the 'Phoolon ki Chaadar', the groom's entry has been on a horseback! Both so adorable and majestic. But guess what? This ceremony is actually witnessing a revolution these days! Since the whole idea is to give your new family the best ever welcome, the groom and bride these days are all about giving the best mass entry ever! Our generation values individuality more than anything else and groom's entry is no exception. They are finding unique and cool ways to do it! Examples? Love cars? Get a perfect vintage car to make your grand entry. Love your friends? Let them pick you up to the wedding! And what do you love?!

The Wedding!

Once the bride and groom are at the mandap, the final wedding ceremony begins. Exchanging garlands and sitting next to each other is the Jai Mala or Var Mala ceremony. And then the most important ritual takes place! The Kanyadaan or officially giving the bride away to the groom! Once the father of the bride gives her hand and place it on the groom's, the bride belongs her husband-to-be and his family. Hurts a bit? But trust me it's most satisfying moment of any father's life!
And done? No the wedding is not complete yet. They aren't husband and wife yet. There is a few more custom left! So what are they? Let's go back to bollywood! What did the wedding ceremonies looked like? Oh the groom ties something special on the bride's neck! That's the mangalsutra or the holy necklace. If you are south Indian, that's the thaali! And there he applies sindoor on her forehead! Beautiful! Doesn't that red spot say it all? We're not done yet! Their attires are tied together and they are taking rounds around the fire in slow motion holding hands! Exactly 7 times. This ritual is called the Pheras and once it is completed, yayyy, the couple is wed to each other!!

Vidaai. Time to say goodbye!

She must leave to her new life. And to bid adieu, there is a beautiful ritual left to do. Might break your heart a bit but it's ok. Inevitable! The bride symbolically moves to her new life by throwing rice and coins at her home not looking back at it. The home must stay prosperous even after she, the Lakshmi, leaves it! Tears and love! And yes, that's about it!

Now tell me, who wouldn't want to get married the North Indian way?
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