Delightfully united! A beautiful Nambissan wedding!

Posted by SDS STUDIOS | 31 August 2018 | Kerala Wedding

Delightfully united! A beautiful Nambissan Wedding!

You don’t get to attend a Nambissan wedding very often! Wondering why? Because there aren’t many of them out there let alone their weddings! If you have any idea about the diversities within South Indian weddings, you may be aware how the marriage rituals differ with each community and each region! Among all the diverse wedding rituals in Kerala, a Nambissan wedding stands exceptionally unique with its special rituals and customs associated with it! And we were lucky enough to capture one with all its ethnicity! No amount of modern trends of weddings was interfering with it! A traditional Nambissan wedding in the city of Zamorins!
It was a blissful two day function! Why so blissful? Because it is from Nambissan aka Ambalavasi community most of the priests in temples are from! Temples or Ambalams are so attached to their life and lifestyle. They do possess a kind of divinity! So does their marriage functions!
The previous day function was held in Yash International, a well arranged and sophisticated luxury hotel in the heart of Calicut city. Our bride was there in the backdrop of the very pleasing elegant brown shaded interiors and lights of Yash International, wearing a simple settu mundu, the classic attire of Kerala! The beautiful off-white shade of her settu mundu perfectly contrasted with her bottle green blouse with a peacock motif! Her hair was simply kept open with jasmine on it! The Lakshmi pendant she wore made her presence  a sacred one!  The charm of her man and the very proud bride took the previous day events to a divine level! Everyone was at peace as if they went to the temple! There were smiles of pride, satisfaction and salvation!
Then arrived the wedding day! Pause! Let’s take a moment to describe the enthusiastically beautiful bride of ours!
She wore the classic combination of vibrantly glowing green and red. Her hair was pleated to the end and it was tied with a kunchalam. The cute kunchalam simply danced with her every move! The scent of jasmine bundle she held in her hair was all around! Her glowing skin was radiating her happiness! Her smile spread energy all over! She was a glowing pearl  with a proud and fierce look in her eyes! She was bold, beautiful and strong! Her accessories were all elegant and classic like the Palakka mala, Mulla  mottu mala, Naghabhada thali and an Antique neck piece! Simply classic! What else to say! No wonder if someone asks ‘hey, is this the kaavile bhagavathi or what!’. Hope you’re a fan of mollywood! If not you can totally ask your mallu friends! Wink!
Ashirwad lawns was unquestionably the location for the wedding! Classy, spacious and an integral part of the land of Zamorins since 1999! The auditorium simply blended perfectly with the classic wedding of Aparna Nambissan and Jishnu Murali. The lighting and colors used was also mesmerizing! Her strong red and green shades with the bright colors around made possible some uncontainably beautiful photographs! With her strong womanhood and his charming personality, it’s obvious that this beautiful team tied the knot simply to take over the world together! Team SDS wishes them the same brightness of their wedding day forever in their life!

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