A flowery wedding in Ooty!

Posted by SDS STUDIOS | 4 November 2018 | Destination Wedding

A Flowery Wedding in Ooty!

Misty morning! Flowers bloomed and opened their eyes to the sky! They heard some bells ringing and all of them looked towards the Church and wondered, “Hey! Why did nobody tell us that we had a queen!”

Keep Calm! It’s the queen’s entry scene! A cold wind all the way from the Nilgiris suddenly blew her veil and hair! (Slow motion)! The next thing you see is her wine red lips smiling gorgeously! She’s wearing a mesmerizing wedding saree entirely etched with beautiful white flowers! Chennai’s favourite wedding wear specialist Sameena Store seems to have done a brilliant job! Not just the rightly done makeup and hair by Glamondae but also the simply striking accessories from Rimli enhanced her elegance! She subtly merged with all the wild flowers in Ooty!

Here arrives our groom! He’s so full joy and his charming smile warmed up the whole church! Bells rang! He wedded the most gorgeous and precious flower ever! Everyone smiled and invisible flowers were being showering upon them all the way from the heaven! (Church music BGM) The universe seemed so happy! The wine shaded decorations in the church made it obvious! That the two of them together are nothing but pure grape wine! Something simply gets better with time!

So! It was a mindblowing and satisfying destination wedding in Ooty! Why so satisfying? Well, come on guys! It’s Ooty! Yes, the location of countless super hit movies! The evergreen paradise of tourists! The home of thousands of varieties of both wild and modern flowers! Misty, magical, mindblowing Ooty! Finding the perfect frames and making it even cool with the surroundings was never so easy! That’s what our bride and groom told us too. They were so impressed with our random frame setting. And that’s called satisfaction.

The reception again gave us magical frames to get tired shooting! The DJ party by James was full on. And the party animals were having a blast. Her reception gown from Studio 149 stood exceptional in all that buzz! But we had to wait until the post reception shoot to see the range of aesthetics the gown was holding! Like we said, the universe was overwhelming in happiness that it rained a little bit. The misty rainy backdrop perfectly blended with their attire and attitude! We didn’t wanted to stop but every movie has a climax.

We packed up with a bundle of satisfaction and some flowers! And dear Joy & Maria, may the blessings be with you people forever!

Team SDS

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