Pre Wedding Outdoor Photography at Mahabalipuram Chennai

Posted by SDS STUDIOS | 20 January 2019 | Couple Shoot
One of our previous blogs discussed about the beautiful destinations in India with great Outdoor Shoot Possibility! Here comes another exciting destination to the list! The blue and beautiful Beach of Mahabalipuram! In this mind blowing photoshoot, we combined the calming blue waves with a stormlike couple with so much energy and playfulness! And one more thing that is so peculiar to the beach, a number of healthy and powerful houses! What else could perfectly go with their highly bursting out beachtime?

Photography is so amazingly unpredictable that sometimes it leaves you with something you didn't plan or expected to happen but a lot better than that! We had no idea that how these two could simply turn the beach into the most romantic destination ever! Just look at them! The strong waves and the powerful horses swirling and running around! Beach sand and blue sky united by a wide ocean! Sonali and Sreeram united by a love wider and deeper than the ocean!

Yes, it's all about how you groove with the beats of the destination you've chosen! Or vise versa! You just choose a destination that perfectly fits you! And in both ways, Sonali and Sreeram secured a 100/100! The frames just came to us so effortlessly. In fact, these two head-in-cloud kids who are the bride to be and groom to be were literally running around the sand like little children! We just had to follow them and capture.

As you can just see, they were kind of lost in the dream world with a few horses to play with. Yayy! It's playtime! Running around, singing aloud, grooving together and what not! We were having our kind of fun! Yeh, the one with cameras! Hence born these ultra beautiful snaps for them to cherish forever.

Kudos to the beach and these two adventurous people who seems to have gotten themselves into one hell of a ride together! Waves of love to the team from team SDS!

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