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Kerala Wedding Photography

The groom leans towards the bride with the thaalimaala held wide in his hands.. The bride leans forward, submissive to the love entrapped in each inch of the necklace.. The Hindu wedding is a celebration of the most perfect pair being formed.. The lit lamps and orchestra add magic to the entire occasion..

The bride resembles an angel in her milky and flowing white attire, with her head covered with a veil and arch-crown. The locked right hands of the bride and groom emit radiations of love and trust. The Christian wedding remains a visual poetry, embodying Divine bondage in the Mantrakodi.

The steps of Oppana guarantee to present patterns and charm. The golden Mehar contains in itself the grooms’s proposal and the bride’s acceptance. The Muslim wedding ceremony is as beautiful as the Mylanchi adorned over the bride’s palms, the depth of whose color represents the depth of the love inside the couple..

The wedding day is definitely the most life-turner day of your life. You cherish every moment of it, for every moment of your life from then on. And you need them captured in the best frames possible. As you turn the pages of your wedding album or play your wedding video years after the golden day, you should have tears at the tips of your eyes, ready to fall out in nostalgic pride.

And that’s why you need to approach the best wedding photographers in Kerala to cover your wedding. With the most modern equipments and experienced photographers, we ensure that we frame every moment of your wedding in the best way possible. With the eye-to-detail our trained photographers have, we miss nothing special or relevant. Afterall, the weddings in Kerala, be it Hindu, Christian or Muslim is a splendid treat for your eyes and our lenses with bright attires, flowers and lamps.

So do not fail to approach us, the best wedding photographers in Palakkad area for your pre-wedding photos, and wedding coverage. Our photographers can also guide you to be in expressive candid photos too.

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Wedding Teasers & Highlights

SDS Studios Wedding Films

Wedding films have evolved with feature films, and we understand that at SDS!

There is no overdose of drama that extends for hours - the wedding film is a video just an hour long to the maximum, that showcases everything briefly, though with full emotion. There is also a trailer/teaser, around 5 minutes long, that you share with your loved ones. The trailer is rich in emotion too!

Gone are the days when the beat-by-bit coverage of the wedding function was the wedding video. We tell your wedding story now - in a neat and simple, yet beautiful video, captured with the brilliance of high definition technology. We tell your story of bonding, that can make you sink in a swirl of nostalgia years down the lane.

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